Digging into a Pizza in Pizzo (Italy)

Iíve been a vegetarian for over 25 years, and a vegan for over 14 years. Committing to a vegan diet and lifestyle has been one of the most meaningful decisions Iíve ever made Ė it allows me to live in harmony with my values of non-harming and respect for life. I committed to veganism after learning about the treatment of animals in the dairy and egg industries, so my motivation had to do with the ethics and respect for all living creatures. To my surprise, following a vegan diet has also led me to think more carefully about healthy food choices, helped me to reduce my impact on the environment, vastly broadened my food horizons, and connected me to a global community of thoughtful, compassionate, and creative vegan friends.

If you're wondering what a day-to-day vegan diet looks like, check out my blog:
Vegan Eats & Treats.

These pages are intended to provide useful information for anyone interested in eating a few more vegetarian meals all the way to someone hoping to lead a vegan lifestyle.

Getting Started
Being Healthy
The Vegan Pantry!
Recipes: Cookbooks, Magazines & Websites
Resources: Books, Magazines & Websites
Reasons To Eat A Vegetarian Diet
How I Became A Vegetarian (& Then A Vegan)

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