Substitute teachers and class cancellations

Note: I will be away from September 2-8

I'll resume my regular weekly teaching schedule on Wednesday September 9th

Keep up your practice while I am away!


While I am off in the great outdoors, please consider joining into class with Karen Z or Laurie BB.
If you go to their class, just let them know that you are using one of your passes with me,
and I will reimburse them once I'm home from my trip. Easy!

Wednesday September 2nd Morning Class:
Yoga & Mindfulness with Karen Zelin: 11am-12:15 pm
Zoom link:

Wednesday September 2nd Evening Class:

Monday September 7th Morning Class:
Yoga & Mindfulness with Karen Zelin: 11am-12:15 pm
Zoom link:
~ or ~
Yoga Level 1-3 with Laurie Broderick-Burr, 10:30am-12:00pm
Zoom link:
Digit Meeting ID: 175-093-992 Password: 240274

Tuesday September 7th Evening Class:
Yoga with Laurie Broderick-Burr 5:45-7:15pm
Zoom Link:
9 Digit Meeting ID: 319-885-317 Password: 485899


Information about Laurie and Karen, and why I think you’ll love their teaching:

Laurie Broderick-Burr: Laurie has been teaching and practicing for many years and has a wealth of knowledge. In particular, she has a passion for anatomy, and also for skillful kinetic movement. She is full of humor, drive, humility, and a very meaningful connection to the practice. I know you will enjoy learning from her, she has so much to offer! In addition to teaching at Yoga Within, she also teaches at Yoga Center Santa Cruz. Laurie's Website
Karen Zelin: Karyn is a teacher (and co-owner) at Yoga Within. She is deeply commited to yoga, and also to the Buddhist tradition of Insight Meditation... so her classes blend mindfulness and yoga together. She's gentle and kind and fun and full of insightful observations and laughter. I know you will love learning with her. Karen's Website


Updated August 31, 2020