Chanting Pop-Up!
Saturday May 9, 11am-12pm

My chanting practice has been especially meaningful to me lately. When my mind is swirling and has trouble settling down to focus, chanting has been a balm. The task of Sankrit pronunciation keeps my mind on target, the physical vibration of the sound calms my body, and the meaning of the words makes my heart feel expansive again.

This weekend, we will be chanting one of my favorite chants, which is not too long or complicated, and has a beautiful translation. We'll refine our pronunciation, chant in call and response, and discuss the meaning.

Here is the Zoom Link for this class:
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I enjoy doing benefit workshops during the year, to raise funds for local non-profits doing meaningful work. If you would like to contribute for this class, please consider making a donation of any amount to the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz Local Covid Response Fund

Please print or copy this out and have it ready for class:



Updated May 6, 2020